Jennifer Kowa

Jennifer started gigging at the age of 13

 She fluctuated between London, the hometown of 

 her mother and Frankfurt am Main


She was founder and singer of the Prog-Rock Band OCTOPUS

With OCTOPUS she recorded 3 LPs for Sky Records


OCTOPUS was an important part and a driving force in the 
Rock against Racism Movement in Germany 
Highlight was the -Rock gegen Rechts- Open-Air-Festival in 
Frankfurt with more than 60.000 people in 1979
During the 70's Jennifer had been voted as one of the best
female singer in polls of many music magazines 


Beside singing Jennifer started to play bass in 1980

Together with Win she formed the power trio THE RADIO

THE RADIO played over 400 gigs in Europe


Jennifer was Endorser for Sennheiser, Paiste, Slapper-Bass

and the Roland Bass Synthesizer G-77


To reach full independence an own digital studio was built in 1990
IC-Digit offered Win and Jennifer a worldwide record deal in 1991
For the idea to involve Jennifers exceptional voice -non lingual- 
as an instrument, KOWA responded a lot of appreciation
2007 KOWA released their CD (Gemini) at RougeRecords
Worldwide distributed by CD Baby, Portland USA


You can also find the music of KOWA on many compilations like Cafe del Mar, 

Cafe del Sol and special editions with artists like Dido, Vangelis, Kitaro,

Mike Oldfield and Andy Summers all over the world.

Win Kowa

Win, born in Düsseldorf wrote his first piece of music

 at the age of 9. He started playing Accordion and changed

 to guitar at the age of 15 as an autodidact


1976 - 1989 Guitarist of  STRAIGHT SHOOTER, STREETMARK



Endorser for Roland Guitar Syntheziser in the eighties
Ikutaro Kakehashi, president of ROLAND visited a presentation where
Win played guitar. He became enthusiastic about it and told the press,
that Win was one of the most innovated guitarists, he had ever heard
Mr. Kakehashi invited Win and Jennifer to be representatives for the
Guitar Synthesizer Systems on stage and at music fairs

Between 1992 - 2010 11 CDs were released 

under the name Win Kowa and KOWA


Win Kowa - Discovery Drive (1992)

Win Kowa - Touchdown (1993)
Win Kowa - Imagination (1995)

KOWA - African Moments (1996)
KOWA - Nippon Moments (1997)
KOWA - American Moments (2000)


 KOWA - Gemini (2007)

KOWA - Scoring Tools (2008)
KOWA - Times of Television (2009)
KOWA - Discovery Drive Remastered (2009)
KOWA - African Moments Remastered (2010)


KOWA went on producing TV-Spots for international 

campaigns and achieved awards all over the world: 

The Gold Comprix in London, the Golden Award of Montreux,  

 Finalist of the Golden Globe in New York.

2008 KOWA received the GrIndie Music Award 

from RadioIndy for Scoring Tools